When i grow up i want to be A…………………

When I grow up I want to be a baker and own my own bakery.  I want to be a baker because I like baking goods and trying out new ingredients. I think I would be good for this job because I’m creative and I like impressing people with my awesome baking skills.

Owning a bakery would be hard work. I would have to be able to pay bills and I would have to buy so many supplies for baking. I would need a lot of money$.

I like trying new things and making my own recipes, sometimes they don’t work out but its still fun. My favorite goodie to make is cake because you can decorate it however you want. I like looking up ideas for decorating cakes like a rainbow skittles cake or , like the one I’m making for my brothers birthday, a Call Of Duty Blackops cake, which is going to be camouflage with white writing on it and a layer of skittles and icing in between two layers of cake mmmm yummy.

Science Fair :P

I was sitting at my desk, the palms of my hands were sweaty from being nervous. Mrs. Watson walks in the room and calls out a name, no not a name, my name. I get up from my desk, walk out the room and follow her down the hallway to the gym. As I walk into the gym Mrs. Watson sits me down on a bench. I wait on the empty bench for my turn to present my science project to the judges. About 2 minutes later Mrs. Watson sends me over to the table that my science project is sitting on. I walk up to it and two judges are standing there waiting for me. I looked up and saw………………………. Two smiling faces that looked excited to judge my project. My whole body relaxed and I started to talk about my project. They asked me a lot of questions and I answered ALLLLLL of them, ya, No I didn’t haha, but most of the questions. After I was done they sent me out of the room and I went back to class. Everyone asked me if it was scary or if the judges are mean, I said “no way you have nothing to worry about. After that all the students went down to the gym to show the community our projects and I got third place in the grade 7’s. 🙂


IMG In first nation studies we are doing art and we all had to pic a scenery that we know and draw and colour it for our Matisse project. So I did mine of my teachers barn with two horses in their stalls. I picked this scene because it is one of my favorite places to be in the world. I like going to the barn because I love seeing the horses graze and I love seeing all the little chicks run around. 🙂  

My trip to California Day 3

I woke up very tired this morning. We stayed at travel lodge and we swam in the pool last night. It was so much fun. for the rest of the day we just drove so there was not anything interesting other than when i tried to hold my breath on the golden gate bridge. I didn’t make it that far but i did pretty good. for lunch we wen’t to a place called Carl’s jr and i guess it was ok but i’m kind of sick of fast food. for dinner we wen’t to a place with no name it was weird but hey we got free chicken fingers so that was awesome i guess. It   will be a way better day tomorrow because we will be in Malibu YAY!!! Well can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

My trip to California Day 2

It was a very tiring morning because last night we found a hotel sometime after midnight. everyone was up before 9:00 am so we hit the road at 9:30. we ate some breakfast and got back on the highway it was a boring drive other than how much the temperature changed it was constantly going up and down. The highest was 31 degrees. We took a long drive through Oregon and we had lunch at Arby`s. we never made it out of Oregon but the one word I can describe this place by is HOT. It is so warm here that on the highway if you stick your hand out the window hot air is what you fell and this is going 60 miles its crazy hot. my favorite part about the drive was all the horses and cows that I saw. I really miss riding the ride that I went on with Freyja the day before I left was ssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun I loved it. But anyway right now we are in a little place called Travelodge in a town called Grant`s pass in Oregon. for dinner we went to a place called Denny`s oh and also that reminds me when you come to the states don`t order ice tea unless you like cold tea and I mean literally cold tea me and my dad both made that mistake YUCK!!! The lucky boys got smoothies. After dinner we went to dairy queen and you should have seen the awesome cars that were there and motorcycle`s. Oh and Jonny Justin got a lot of pitchers of the cars and bikes to show you oh and when we are in California he will have even more to show you. Oh and I almost forgot the best part there is a pool here and it is really fun. but I got to catch some shut eye if I want to swim tomorrow so good night. oh and also the most important thing I learned today was never eat DQ ice-cream on the sidewalk one your way back to your hotel when it is 30 degrees outside or you will end up all sticky never going to make that mistake twice. But any way GOODNIGHT!!!

My trip to Califorina Day 1

This morning was a rush but we got everything packed “I think”. When it was 10:00 we headed off to my grandmas. We were going to my grandmas because she was going to take care of my dog Jack and my two fish. It was really funny when Justin was trying to hold the fish on the drive there. We had saran wrap on the top of the tank so there wasn’t to much of spill. When we got their we dropped off  the animals and drove down to the ferry. Oh but here comes the good part, actually it was really boring until I went upstairs on the ferry. When I was up there the first thing I saw was my brother bugging my mom and dad for money until I got informed that we forgot our passports and birth certificates at home. so my mom figured out a plan to get them over to Port Mc Neill. She phoned up my grandma to ask if she could go down to the house to get the passports. When she got down there Richard Michelson came to pick them up and bring them over on his boat (THANKYOU RICHARD!!!!!!!!). So when we got our passports we started our adventure to California or should I say the place we got to Seattle. It was  a rough night because we kind of got lost by the way learn to read a GPS properly before you go on a trip to a place you have never bin to before. But we figured it out eventually and it was also really dark out side so that didn`t help. I can`t sleep in a car or truck for more than 20 minutes its kind of weird. anyway when we found our way to a hotel its was way better oh but be careful when you turn on the TV because the last people who stayed in that room could have been watching a inappropriate movie. After that little bit of weirdness I fell asleep instantly. and other than the thing I mentioned before it was a really good day and I can`t wait till tomorrow. Oh and also I forgot to say by to everyone so whoever I missed BBBBBBYYYYYY :). 

Camp Gilwell

On Friday April 25, 2013 I started my adventure with my fellow scouts Jonathan, Malcolm and Jordan also scouter Holly and her little cub Karin. We were on our way to camp Gilwell. On our way we stopped at Elk Falls and also saw some elk on the highway but anyway elk falls was amazing it was a really far drop if you fell. the water at the bottom was very deep in parts but in other parts it was very shallow. when we left elk falls we decided to go shopping at thrifty foods.After thrifty foods we wen’t to the camp and set up our stuff. and after we went to meet the other campers and had a campfire there.


This June my family and I will be going to California for my older brothers graduation. We are also going to go to Disney land. It is going to be so much fun.

I’m so excited to go to see my brother and his graduation. He talks a lot about his school and his dad and he also talks about how annoying his teenage sisters are compared to me. It’s really funny knows that he thinks I’m not as annoying as someone else.

When we go down there we are also going to go to Disney land. Which is so exiting I have never been out of Canada before so I am excited. The one thing I am wondering are we going to drive or take a plane. I want to do both but we can only pick one.

Mt Cain

On February 4th most of my class and I went on a ski trip it was lots of fun. I went on lots of hills, the lodge was really warm when I had lunch, and there were also very funny times.

So we went on the first ferry and in port mc Neil we got on the bus it was a really lllooonnnggg ride to the mountain. When we got their they let the most experienced skiers get of the bus first to get their ski gear. When I got all my stuff on I was so exited so I walked up to the instructors who were making sure you knew how to stop and go.

When I was done with the instructors I was ready for the big hills so the first hill I went on was blueberry then question mark  then ridge run twice then blueberry and then face then ridge run again and again and my last on was ………………… RIDGE RUN.

When I was going up the big t bar with Mia, Michael and Malcolm were in front of us. After a little while Malcolm was starting to glide to the side and fall of the t bar he was just hanging there for about 3 minutes. Then he fell off. After 2 minutes we went over a hill and saw a black blob with skis and noticed that Michael had just fallen off the t bar. He was just sitting there just waiting to grab onto our t bar so we drifted to the side so he couldn’t reach us.

Mt Cain was sooooo fun.