My trip to California Day 3

I woke up very tired this morning. We stayed at travel lodge and we swam in the pool last night. It was so much fun. for the rest of the day we just drove so there was not anything interesting other than when i tried to hold my breath on the golden gate bridge. I didn’t make it that far but i did pretty good. for lunch we wen’t to a place called Carl’s jr and i guess it was ok but i’m kind of sick of fast food. for dinner we wen’t to a place with no name it was weird but hey we got free chicken fingers so that was awesome i guess. It   will be a way better day tomorrow because we will be in Malibu YAY!!! Well can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

7 thoughts on “My trip to California Day 3

  1. Cool Charlie! I cant wait too here more about your trip. Get me a souvenir! haha JK bye bye!


  2. Heeeeeyyyyyy Charlize!!!! sounds like your having sooo much fun. Wish I was with you. It’s funny cause you wrote for the first three days then there was nothing!!!! oh, well… sorry I forgot to reply to you, kinda totally forgot about the blog! Can’t wait till you get back. Are you going to be here tomorrow? The grade sevens are gone this week for their “BIG TRIP” I have been super busy and tired!!!! We had track and field, which was awesome!!!! I got three 4ths, one in highjump. One in longjump, and one in 400meter. I didn’t place in the top 6 in the two hundred but i got second in my heat! (we were neck and neck) Then after track the grade sevens were gone. (may I say that all this was happening while my grandma was up!)Track was on wednsday and thursday is a big day for me, 5-8:30 I have soccer and baseball. Friday was the soft ball tournement and the other schools played like crap!!!!!! they knew nothing about the game!!! although it was fairly fun! I met two girls in grade six at the track meet (Jorgia and Hayley) they are super nice : )
    After I got off the ferry I went to Hopies birthday party…. my grandma had left during the day. I met a whole lot of grade seven girls at the sleepover!!!!!! They all seem really nice 🙂
    Hopies party was awesome!!!!!! Cant wait to see you soon, got to talk to ya ;( anywho, i’ll see ya sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 misss ya!!!!+

  3. Hey Charlize
    I am totally awesome and u are to jk only I am I am just jking about jking you.

  4. Dear Charlize
    The golden gate bridge rocked.
    do you think it rocked.
    I loved seeing Braidon
    Well gotta go now
    your brother

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