When i grow up i want to be A…………………

When I grow up I want to be a baker and own my own bakery.  I want to be a baker because I like baking goods and trying out new ingredients. I think I would be good for this job because I’m creative and I like impressing people with my awesome baking skills.

Owning a bakery would be hard work. I would have to be able to pay bills and I would have to buy so many supplies for baking. I would need a lot of money$.

I like trying new things and making my own recipes, sometimes they don’t work out but its still fun. My favorite goodie to make is cake because you can decorate it however you want. I like looking up ideas for decorating cakes like a rainbow skittles cake or , like the one I’m making for my brothers birthday, a Call Of Duty Blackops cake, which is going to be camouflage with white writing on it and a layer of skittles and icing in between two layers of cake mmmm yummy.